Mandela coins investment

We buy old coins, banknotes, tokens, military war medals, badges, old watches, swords, bayonets, helmets, or any unusual antique and collectable items. Zero return 10yrs down the line, and you cannot even get your coins out of their Safe Keeping! What makes these coins so valuable is that they get released in extremely low quantities. I have Mandela coins for sale (mint) send me email [email protected] hi, how do you know its a MS70, have you graded it or are you just assuming? Both are very rare nd hve grown in value since purchased a few years ago.Best investment is Gold as with the decline of global currency,gold is still the best tradeable commodity.I had the valuated last year so they have surely grown since then till now.

Your old coins could be worth a the history of money. My email Add is [email protected] if anyone is interested in buying them in bags of 400coin, uncirculated, barcoded by SA Mint and sealed in original bag They are seen as almost uncirculated coins, as they have been handled by atleast 5 different people before getting to SARB. My fellow South Africans lend me your ears and please digest this thoroughly.

The coin was only supplied in limited amount to local banks in South Africa. 1x Mandela 10 Year Democracy 1oz gold coin celebrating democracy is SA. South Africa results Value Forest Find the best deals on A 1967 Republic of South Africa R1 silver coin with Afrikaans legend Pendant. Click the green dollar signs for Coin Values Printable version of this page RSA 1961 to 2014 Kindly a quick snapshot of low coin mintage dates which result in those coins having value.

Junk Mail Survey: The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) says that 22 million coins were minted. Members of the public may therefore contact reputable coin collectors andor coin dealers for.

Pls notify me of anyone who would like to buy two bi-metal Osrs money making guide 2020 high level R5 coins(mandela 90th birthday) for anything over R8000,im situated at soshanguve,pretoria. Hello I have a 5 rand coin with mandela face on it. The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) says that 22 million coins were minted.

Although they were intended for general circulation, they are limited edition coins hence valuable because of their rarity. I the 90th anniversary R5 coin (Mandela face) & i have two Mandela R5 coins 2008 where can I sell. Only 986 pieces came out in a desperate attempt to facilitate Boers in their trading engagements. I have 90th birthday Mandela face 5rand coin anyone interested contact me by email [email protected] thank you I do have Mandela 5rand bt I dont know where I must change it.please notify me at where I can change the money 0717595512 i have one mandela coin 5rand,1T.W degongh notes 2rand,and 1Gerhard de kork 5rand notes,where can i sell them?and what is the value?